Estonia: A Booming Destination for Sports Gambling and Casinos

Recently, there has been a rise in sports betting and casino activities taking place in Estonia, which is a small country located in Northern Europe. Despite having only 1.3 million inhabitants in Estonia, it now catches global attention with its rapidly growing gaming industry.

Factors Making Estonia One of the Best Gambling Locations Globally

Regulation in Estonia

The gambling industry in Estonia can be described as a highly regulated one which is one of the reasons for success. In 2009 the Gambling Act came into effect and covers all sorts of gambling in the country with clear regulations.

Pursuant to Article 9 of the Act, a public or private stock company with a share capital of not less than €1 million, can organize games of chance.

Low Taxes

Furthermore, one of the reasons why Estonia attracts gambling operators is because of their low taxing rates. One of the lowest in Europe, its gross gaming revenue tax stands at 5%. It has therefore been an irresistible destination for firms seeking to penetrate the industry.

Online Gambling

Likewise, Estonia joined this industry that is currently booming around the world. A robust legal framework facilitates issuance of licenses to online betting companies which have created a vigorous online gambling industry.

Sports Betting

Among them, sports betting is the most common type of gambling in Estonia. A recent report reveals that six percent of people gamble on sport events, and therefore, this is one of the lucrative markets for betting firms. Sports-betting companies prefer this country due to its stable legal system with low taxes.


There are many land-based kasiinod eestis which signify that the gambling market is expanding. Owing to such regulatory regime, the country’s casino market is very competitive and consists of licensed land as well as online casinos.


Sport’s gambling and casinos operators prefer Estonia due to its regulated gambling market, low tax rates and embrace of online gambling. The country has stable legislation and an expanding market that gives a chance of being present to many firms wishing to find their place. Since Estonia boasts of an active gambling market and accommodative regulatory framework, it will continue reaping fruits as a host nation for sports gambling and casinos.