Sports Gambling goes Mainstream

Sports gambling has become more common ever since the Supreme Court’s landmark 2018 decision, which made it possible for States to decide whether to allow betting on sporting events. Many professional leagues and state legislatures now support it as a source of revenue, and betting advertisements and discussion are a common part of the fan experience.


Control of Gambling Operators

With the development of technology, gambling operators now have a lot of information about their customers, which includes the time they bet, how much they bet, and who they bet on. According to addiction specialists, these businesses have a duty to use this information to prevent gamblers from developing addictions.


Addressing Gambling Addiction

To combat gambling addiction, some states have taken action. Apparently, in Michigan, there is a self-exclusion option that lets gamblers essentially forbid themselves from ever placing an online wager for a specified period of time. When the self-exclusion stops, therapy resources are then made available.

It’s good for the states and sports betting companies to offer assistance especially to  gamblers that cannot control their worst inclinations. Knowing that the odds are set against anyone who decides to gamble frequently, and sportsbooks are limited to be able to prevent someone who has become addicted.